Practical Metal Additive Manufacturing Equipment

Practical Metal Additive Manufacturing Equipment



+ Fully enclosed operation eliminates any exposure to possible toxins or molten metal.
+ Wire feed stock eliminates need for special safety precautions


+ No powder! Need we say more?
+ Filtered air is likely cleaner coming out of the machine than going in.


+ Build fully functional parts in hours rather than days.
+ Fabricate long lived molds in days rather than months.


+ Total installed cost is a fraction of other Additive Manufacturing equipment.
+ Metal feed material cost very competitive with billet stock

About +MFG

Responsibly changing the world!

Everything we do stems from our innovative minds and a commitment to make the world a better place. The company was started by close friends, we are financed by small investors, professionals of the highest quality make it work, we are intently focused on how to best manufacture a part using minimal resources, and we are extremely conscious of our possible impact on the environment and those that interface with us.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Mfg, LLC. where innovation is first and foremost in product, customer service and associate satisfaction.

Our Vision

Everything +Mfg, LLC. and our associates do or say will be:

  • True and forthcoming
  • Fair and mutually beneficial to all concerned.

Mfg, LLC. will . . . . .

  • Maximize customer profits with time/cost savings by utilizing faster, less expensive 3D metal additive manufacturing technology and provide service that exceeds expectations.
  • Provide all associates fair compensation and a flexible, supportive work environment.
  • Utilize locally produced components providing domestic jobs and minimizing shipping costs.
  • Always respect the earth and its environment by being energy efficient and zero landfill.

What people are saying

“FINALLY a practical Additive Manufacturing machine”
-Brett H.

“No fumes? I’m down with that”
-Foundry Manager

“The possibilities are endless”
-Scott S.

“It’s a foundry in a box”
-Bill L.